SMH099 – The Five Cons of “NOT” Prospecting

by Scot Kenkel

The Five Cons of “NOT” Prospecting

Answer this Honestly…How many times in the last 30 days have you told yourself “I REALLY NEED TO SPEND MORE TIME PROSPECTING” Or “I WISH I WAS BETTER AT PROSPECTING” Or “I WOULD BE MORE SUCCESSFUL IF I KNEW HOW TO PROSPECT”? If you really feel that one of your career weaknesses rhymes with the word “PROSPECTING” then you’re in luck because during this episode of the “HOW TO SELL MORE HOUSES” Audio Podcast I will be addressing the issue of NOT PROSPECTING; more specifically the FIVE CONS OF “NOT” PROSPECTING….

I know you’ll enjoy the episode so thanks for taking the time to listen. 

Happy Learning, Scot


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My opening and closing Music is titled “Life of Riley” and was provided by Kevin MacLeod

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