SMH100 – Getting Good at Getting Good

by Scot Kenkel

Peak - Secrets from the New Science of Expertise by Anders EricssonGetting Good at Getting Good

What does it take to get GOOD at something, anything? Better yet, what does it take to get GOOD at Getting GOOD at something, anything? Can an average Real Estate Agent become a Top Producer even though they don’t possess any natural born selling skills or talent? What SKILLS can you improve and which SKILLS should you improve to finally put yourself in a position to earn the level of income you’ve always deserved? Find out the answers to these and other questions during this episode of the “HOW TO SELL MORE HOUSES” Audio Podcast.

I know you’ll enjoy the episode so thanks for taking the time to listen. 

Happy Learning, Scot



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My opening and closing Music is titled “Life of Riley” and was provided by Kevin MacLeod

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Scot Kenkel, Instructor
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